About Our Founder

Ryan L. Buchanan is an instructional designer, VR developer & the CEO at his EdTech startup VR Dev Kids, a very exciting endeavor to create enthusiasm, motivation & the ability to implement VR in public schools.  

For over ten years, Ryan has been teaching & speaking about integrating leading-edge technology into classrooms around the world including the blossoming & eager markets of China & Saudi Arabia.  Ryan’s goal & vision, even single-minded obsession, for the next decade is to encourage & assist educators in adding VR to their EdTech toolboxes. To that end, VR Dev Kids is creating & introducing immersive learning experiences that will be engaging & exciting, as well as effective & efficient, for both learners & educators.  This mission includes a comprehensive, VR implementation instructional design model developed after two years of intense VR/EdTech research & iteration at the University of Utah & within educational ecosystem of the Salt Lake Valley.

To best understand how, why & when VR will reach mainstream educational acceptance, Ryan conducts VR Blast Off workshops & Virtual World Building summer camps for youth, as well as Virtual Reality Launch Pad workshops for educators, in concert with public & private schools, after-school programs, museums (Natural History Museum of Utah & The Leonardo), educational conferences, Salt Lake County Libraries, Junior Achievement of Utah, the Utah Film Center, Utah State University, University of Utah & Salt Lake Community College.  

Ryan is passionately dedicated to his personal mission of making Virtual Reality an education reality.

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